MAX Military

The Reason Saint Maximus Exists!

Saint Maximus has the heart to create soft landing spaces by helping businesses to understand, market to, hire, develop, and maintain Military Community (Veteran and Families, Reserves, National Guard) talent within their organization. We have the drive, knowledge, and experience to develop and refine programs, policies, and training to gain strategic talent with the soft and hard skills needed.

Military Community Workforce Development Programs

All Military Community program and services are tailored to your organization.


  • Leadership Consultation
  • Agreement Approval
  • Scope of Work Executed


  • SkillBridge Utilization Programs
  • Mentor & ERG Programs
  • Develop Talent Pipelines
  • Leadership & Management Training
  • Policies & Procedures, & Programs
  • Recruiting & Hiring Training Programs
  • Diversity and Inclusion Analysis
  • Veteran Registered Apprenticeship Program Development

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